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Life is messy...and surprising...and wonderful

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

If we have all learned one thing after the last year, it is that life will continue to provide new challenges - unexpected challenges. Even before making it through this last year, I have lived a life filled with much joy, turmoil, struggle and victory. What a beautiful, messy celebration it has been! Well, celebration might be grand concept to attach to my lifetime of experiences, but I wouldn't change my path as it has made me who I am - and I like myself!

In this first post, my hope is to simply introduce who I am. Although I am a Life Coach, this in no way means I have a perfect life or have it all figured out. On the contrary, I am a work in progress, just like we all are.

I am a proud single mom to 2 truly inspiring, incredible humans. My sons are really good people. They couldn't be more different than each other and I love that. I hope they always feel the freedom to be who they want to be, who they're supposed to be and find comfort residing in their own skin - just as they are.

I am a person who has experienced poverty, neglect, abuse and hunger from an early age. While enduring any of these elements of life, they are enormous and all-encompassing. I am so grateful that I can reflect on these pieces of my past, without allowing them to take up too much space today or define me. These experiences motivated me to create a life where those tough aspects of my childhood wouldn't exist. They also made me very empathetic for how hard life can be for so many.

I am a person who values relationships. Is there anything better than a conversation with a dear friend? Making a true connection with someone is such a gift.

I value authenticity, almost more than any other attribute someone can posses.

I've been divorced, heartbroken, loved, powerful, weak, fired and hired. We are all so many things!

I love being of service to others. I am working on building a career out of this and if you are reading this and supporting this site - you are part of building my dream! Thank you.

I am a work in progress with my own personal journey of wellness. I wish I didn't enjoy burritos quite as much as I do, and perhaps could fall in love with the gym (not crossing my fingers on that one friends) I believe that wellness is not just about weight. It is about many intertwining elements that impact each other.

I wish I could grant women the gift of allowing themselves grace and freedom from the guilt that plagues our gender. Supporting working women in their quest to find strength + harmony in their lives is an important focus for me in this work.

I have had a really amazing career and have always found that investing in people and supporting their development to be the most fulfilling aspect of the work I've done. I found that bringing my authentic self to the work I was doing created a vulnerable trust between myself the people I worked with, that yielded a great impact - for the people I was helping AND for myself. I didn't yet know if I could make a living out of leaning into just coaching (pesky mortgage) but I was starting to listen to the many people who were already claiming me as their life coach.

In 2016 I decided to invest in my coaching skills and spent 6 months getting certified as a Life Coach by the Coach Training Alliance. In 2017 I started taking on a small number of clients outside of my day job and began creating workshops focused on impacting women. I was in love with this work. Here we are in 2021 and I am hoping to create a space where I am able to make this my life's work - to support my client's ability to make powerful transformational changes in their lives. I want to help my clients simplify their lives personally and professionally.

Thank you for coming along on this journey with me friends

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