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The plague of Imposter Syndrome...

I never heard the term "imposter syndrome" until about a year ago, but I have had first hand experience in being weighed down by it. So often we take ourselves out of the running for opportunities because we are worried about failing. There is a lot wrapped up in the fear that keeps us from taking a risk - it's not just fear of failure. Under that label of fear can lie a foundation of self-doubt, lacking self-confidence, and an overwhelming absence of belief in ourselves.

Imposter syndrome can attack even the most capable, successful person. It can show up after you've finally gotten that hard fought promotion or new role and riddle you with doubt - feeling as thought you don't deserve a seat at the table. Under these circumstances it can be difficult to remind yourself that you've already earned that seat at the table. Sometimes the hardest person to prove ourselves to is US!

I've spent many years preparing for the moment of being able to launch this business - my dream! I've spent the last 6 months researching, educating myself, learning from others, learning new skills (never thought I'd be able to navigate building a website!) - all in anticipation of the moment I could launch. If I'm honest with myself, I could have announced an official launch a bit sooner. However, I've worked hard to make this site a place people quickly find value and that has crossed paths with my old nemesis - perfection! I've also absolutely dealt with waves of doubt. "What if this doesn't work?".

That's a powerful question, "what if it doesn't work?". The current state of both social media and the coaching industry tells me I should look a certain way, have a certain message, attract only high ticket clients and so on. I mean, what if I chose the wrong colors for the workbook I made? Or the wrong font on my website? Yikes...the pressure of such important things. Then I came across a wonderful, powerful quote by Adam Grant (highly recommend following him and reading everything he writes!) In it he said:

"The time people spend building personal brands would be better invested in personal connections. Products have brands. People have relationships and reputations. Authenticity is not about marketing yourself to create an image. It's about aligning your actions with your values."

His words reminded me that I couldn't possibly be an imposter if I am my authentic self. I felt a huge weight lifted from my shoulders as soon as I took those words in. I felt a fire lit within me. I felt hopeful and excited about the prospect of making this dream come true.

I also had to ground myself in my knowledge and beliefs about me! I know what I'm capable of. I know how many people I've helped over the years. I have faith in my innate abilities and I have invested in strengthening the skillsets that will drive this opportunity. I can make a tremendous impact on so many with this platform and grow a successful business as well.

I will not be perfect. I'm not going to get some things right on the first try. That has to be ok! I'm going to trust myself and keep doing the work to improve. The agreement with myself, has been freeing!


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